Friday, August 22, 2003

Guantanamo may free children

The BBC's Gordon Corera, in Guantanamo Bay, says the US's interviews with the three children - aged between 13 and 15 - reveal they may have been coerced into fighting in Afghanistan.

Microsoft working with the feds; Virus attacks may be terrorism

Microsoft is cooperating with federal authorities after concluding that the assault on its operating systems may be a terrorist attack.

Evidence gathered by Microsoft, the FBI, and the Secret Service on the worldwide attacks made against computers running the Windows operating system fits the profile of "terrorist activity."

Industry sources citing Microsoft officials told World Tribune.com that recent attacks against from the "Blaster" worm and its variants, coupled with an email virus called "SoBig-F" show signs of a coordinated attack by an entity wanting to disrupt world commerce. Microsoft is cooperating with both the FBI and the Secret Service and will report their findings in the next few days.

While at present no terrorist organizations have claimed responsibility for these attacks in cyberspace, Microsoft is an obvious target for terrorists as the largest, most recognizable, and most profitable software company in the world.

Saddam's Wife & Wizard

Interviews with Saddam's wizard and his secret wife reveal a lot about the Iraqi dictator. His wizard predicted his downfall and his wife's brother tried to overthrow his government.
Saddam's personal magician won't reveal his name. "That man is still alive, so I’m afraid," he says. "I helped him, his sons, his ministers, his wife, his cousins, but I can't mention names. When he is dead I can talk about him." Will Saddam be found dead or alive? "Dead," the wizard replies. And where? "Dhuluaiyah," he says. This is a village 55 miles north of Baghdad.

Saddam believes in magic, and studied it himself. He consulted with two magicians from Iraq, one from Turkey, one from India, a French Arab and a Jewish witch from Morocco. Several magicians say he has a stone, perhaps the bone of a parrot, implanted under the skin of his right arm to protect him against bullets and make people love him.

Our Ancestors were Worms

In another blow for Creationism, scientists have discovered that we're related to an ancient worm that lives at the bottom of a lake in Sweden. It doesn't have a brain or sex organs, but it does have the same kind of DNA as humans. Researcher Max Telford says, "We have now been able to show that, amongst all of the invertebrates that exist, Xenoturbella is one of our very closest relatives. It is fascinating to think that whatever long-dead animal this simple worm evolved from, so did we."
People who reject evolution have long relied on gaps in the fossil record to back them up, but the new science of comparing the DNA of different species makes this type of denial even less credible.

Now that we know we're related to one kind of worm, we may be curious about what our cousins are doing. It turns out that exotic species of earthworms from Europe and Asia are escaping into our northern forests, and will eventually completely change they way they look.

Kelly's talk of death in the woods

David Broucher, the UK's permanent representative on the disarmament conference in Geneva, said the scientist made what at the time he regarded as a "throwaway remark" in February.

It was only when he heard that Dr Kelly had been found dead in Oxfordshire woodland last month that Mr Broucher thought the comment might be more significant.

MMmmmm Tacos.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

White House Alters Webpages About Iraq Combat

‘Putin elite’ turning Russia into a police state

Since former KGB colonel Vladimir Putin moved into the Kremlin in early 2000, army men and intelligence chiefs have played an increasingly dominant role in Russian politics, both in central government and in the regions.

Few observers found it odd at first that Putin should choose to appoint former agent friends to his immediate entourage.

But some have voiced concern at the amplitude of the phenomenon and at the massive influx of recruits from the armed forces.

“In the past three years there has been massive recruitment among the men in uniform,” warned Olga Kryshtanovskaya, a sociologist and author of an Academy of Science-backed research paper on “the Putin elite”.

Pilotless plane to fly routinely in civilian airspace

Global Hawks carry out pre-programmed missions and are monitored by pilots from the ground via a satellite link. The plane was the first pilotless aircraft to cross the Pacific Ocean, a 22-hour mission involving just two "clicks" of a mouse from the ground operator.

Anything into Oil

Holy sweet crude!

Technological savvy could turn 600 million tons of turkey guts and other waste into 4 billion barrels of light Texas crude each year

Unlike other solid-to-liquid-fuel processes such as cornstarch into ethanol, this one will accept almost any carbon-based feedstock. If a 175-pound man fell into one end, he would come out the other end as 38 pounds of oil, 7 pounds of gas, and 7 pounds of minerals, as well as 123 pounds of sterilized water. While no one plans to put people into a thermal depolymerization machine, an intimate human creation could become a prime feedstock. "There is no reason why we can't turn sewage, including human excrement, into a glorious oil," says engineer Terry Adams, a project consultant. So the city of Philadelphia is in discussion with Changing World Technologies to begin doing exactly that.

The Mind Altering Abilities of Chemtrails

I want happy chemtrails.

Watching the debates over (and phone taps to my line here) since sending you my email of yesterday, it occurred to me that I should get this last email out to you regarding and expanding upon the reasons for CTs, as well as dealing with issues sure to be discounted by the agents of the ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence, the agency in charge of the Chemtrails Ops.)

Taking each issue in turn might help shed some light upon this problem.

The overall scope and agenda behind Chemtrails (Operation Clover Leaf, Operation Red Sky, Operation Rain Dance, the code names for these ops, BTW) intertwines several overall objectives deemed imperative by the real power in DC, which is the NSA.

It should be noted that most of the intel groups that are involved in domestic control are, in varying degrees, "in the loop" on this business and are actively working with the ONI and NSA in seeing this program succeed.

Listing all the agencies would be moot and pointless. What would anyone do with the knowledge anyway? The reason I say this has to due with STO vs.


patent info...
Nessie in lake Champlain Vermont.

It was the summer of 1977 and Sandra Mansi of Connecticut was enjoying a sunny day on the shore of Vermont's Lake Champlain with her fiancée, Anthony, and her two children. Suddenly, and without warning, she saw what she later called a "dinosaur" breach from the water's surface about 150 feet offshore. Sandra quickly grabbed her Kodak Instamatic and fired off a snapshot. In that moment, a 400-year-old legend was re-born. Sandra unwittingly put the phenomenon of "Champ" -- Mystery of Lake Champlain, back in to the media spotlight.

Mayan Calendar lunacy and end times.

While the Mayan long count had been known about for some time, it was only in 1987, that the great cycle, as it is also known, was realized in its fractal modular form as the wave harmonic of history. In this explicit construct, the great cycle is a genuine time map, a chronotopology which defines history as having a very precise and specific beginning and an equally precise ending. It has often been pointed out that if the Mayan civilization had its great period only in the tenth baktun, long count (AD 435-830), what was their purpose in creating a count of history that originated more than three millennia prior, and even more chillingly, why does their calendar “end” in 2012?

The beginning of the thirteen baktun count, August 13, 3113 BC, 4 Ahau,, is as precise and accurate as one can get for a beginning of history: the first Egyptian dynasty is dated to ca. 3100 BC; the first “city,” Uruk, in Mesopotamia, also ca. 3100 BC; the Hindu kali Yuga, 3102 BC; and most interestingly, the division of time into 24 hours of 60 minutes each and each minute into 60 seconds, also around 3100 BC, in Sumeria. If the beginning of history was so accurately placed, then must not the end of history, December 21, 2012, also be as accurate? Of course, that is why even David Ewing Duncan’s Calendar concludes its time line with 2012 “end of the Mayan great cycle.” How did the Maya know all of this and what does it mean that history is about to end?

End times suck ass.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Ashcroft's victory act wants to classify drug use as Terrrorism.

Extend the power of the attorney general to issue so-called administrative "sneak-and-peek" subpoenas to drug cases. These subpoenas allow law enforcement to gather evidence from wire communication, financial records or other sources before the subject of the search is notified.

"This bill would treat drug possession as a 'terrorist offense' and drug dealers as 'narco-terrorist kingpins,' " the aide argued. "To say that terrorist groups use a small percentage of the drug trafficking in the United States to finance terrorism may be a fair point, but this bill would allow the government to prosecute most drug cases as terrorism cases."

Concluded the aide: "It really seems to be more about a political agenda to jail drug users than a serious attempt to stop terrorists."

American Civil Liberties Union staff attorney Jameel Jaffer added: "Absolutely nothing would prevent the attorney general from using these subpoenas to obtain the records of people who have no connection to terrorism, drug trafficking or crime of any sort."


Slot cheater's gadgets milked the fool out of casinos for years.

Carmichael bought one of the machines and in a matter of days invented a device dubbed a light wand.

"The light would shine in there and be so bright that the sensor would be blinded, causing the hopper to not realize it was paying out the coins," Robinson said.

The genius was in its simplicity: A camera battery and a minilight bulb were its key components.

By about 1992, the device was defeating hoppers everywhere, and Carmichael was making thousands selling it to other slot cheats.

When IGT countered with a protective device called the Actuator Arm, Carmichael quickly obtained one. "It took us about an hour to beat it with 'the hanger,' " he said.

Carmichael believed he was on a roll.

"I really felt they couldn't make one I couldn't beat," he said.

bad to the bone
Right Wing News Ran a story about mind control today. I also ran this story the other day. I then looked into the subject of mind control. After going to the US Patent office web site. I did find tons of stuff on mind control. There must be something to this as hundreds of patents have been issued for Mind Control.

Example One:
A system for altering the states of human consciousness involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. The relationship between the frequencies of the several stimuli is exhibited by the equation g=2.sup.n/4 .multidot.f where: f=frequency of one stimulus; g=frequency of the other stimuli or stimulus; and n=a positive or negative integer which is different for each other stimulus.


Example two:
Method of changing a person's behavior

A method of conditioning a person's unconscious mind in order to effect a desired change in the person's behavior which does not require the services of a trained therapist. Instead the person to be treated views a program of video pictures appearing on a screen. The program as viewed by the person's unconscious mind acts to condition the person's thought patterns in a manner which alters that person's behavior in a positive way. Well as long as it's a positive way.

US Patent number 4,717,343

Example Three:

Subliminal message generator

A combined subliminal and supraliminal message generator for use with a television receiver permits complete control of subliminal messages and their manner of presentation. A video synchronization detector enables a video display generator to generate a video message signal corresponding to a received alphanumeric text message in synchronism with a received television signal. A video mixer selects either the received video signal or the video message signal for output. The messages produced by the video message generator are user selectable via a keyboard input. A message memory stores a plurality of alphanumeric text messages specified by user commands for use as subliminal messages. This message memory preferably includes a read only memory storing predetermined sets of alphanumeric text messages directed to differing topics. The sets of predetermined alphanumeric text messages preferably include several positive affirmations directed to the left brain and an equal number of positive affirmations directed to the right brain that are alternately presented subliminally. The left brain messages are presented in a linear text mode, while the right brain messages are presented in a three dimensional perspective mode. The user can control the length and spacing of the subliminal presentations to accommodate differing conscious thresholds. Alternative embodiments include a combined cable television converter and subliminal message generator, a combine television receiver and subliminal message generator and a computer capable of presenting subliminal messages.

US Patent number 5,270,800

Example Four:

Hearing system

Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform. The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts. Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together. The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds. The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond. The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.

US Patent number 4,877,027

Radioactive wasps

Maybe something out of a Japanese monster flick.

But Bechtel Hanford is tackling the radioactive mud dauber wasps nests of Hanford's H Reactor complex, while trying to entice the insects to use nonradioactive mud for their homes.

Bechtel first discovered this menace June 26.

The company is tearing down the long-abandoned Cold War plutonium-production reactor's contaminated buildings prior to sealing up the main core chamber. Workers found a slightly radioactive mud dauber's nest in a nook in a wall on the south side of the complex, said Bechtel spokesman Todd Nelson.

That was the first time that Hanford had ever encountered a radioactive wasp nest.


LEGO World City: Surveillance Truck

Is this to get us ready for the NWO? This toy let's kids dream of stomping on the Bill of Rights.

The eyes and ears of the law keep LEGO World City safe. Police keep the 10-wheeled Surveillance Truck on the scene to watch and listen for potential trouble. Officers use antennas to send and intercept radio communications, and a satellite dish to monitor transmissions from around the world. A three-wheeled vehicle accompanies the LEGO World City: Surveillance Truck at all times to catch criminals in the act. Includes two police agent mini-figures. 266 LEGO pieces.


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Do-gooder worm fixes Blaster hole

A "do-gooder" computer worm that fixes the Windows bug exploited by the damaging worm Blaster has begun spreading on the net. The new worm is called Welchia or Nochi and spreads by exploiting the same vulnerability.

Blaster has caused widespread damage in the last week, despite failing in its principle aim - crashing the Microsoft website that serves the software patch for the vulnerability.

Now Welchia, is spreading, downloading the patch and then rebooting machines to start afresh. It can also spread using an older vulnerability called WebDav, first announced by Microsoft in March.

Benign worms have been much discussed by technical experts, and some corporate networks have even used a similar technique to update their own machines. However, experts believe it is the first such worm seen widely "in the wild", i.e. on the internet.


Humans could be living on the Moon within 20 years, says a leading lunar scientist.

Ion drive

The unmanned Smart-1 craft, which is due to be launched in early September, is flying to the Moon to demonstrate that Europe has the technology for future deep space science missions.

Its main form of propulsion is an ion engine powered by solar-electrical means rather than conventional chemical fuel.

The craft will make an x-ray map of the moon
When it arrives at the Moon, after a 15-month voyage, it will search for water-ice in craters and determine the abundance of minerals on the surface.

In the process, it will look for landing sites for future lunar exploration such as a sample return mission planned by the US space agency (Nasa) for 2009.

three... two... one
How the Thought Police Rewrite Textbooks and America's History

This is great.

# "Adam and Eve," should be replaced with "Eve and Adam" to demonstrate that males do not take priority over females.

# "Birth defect" should be replaced with "people with congenital disabilities."

# "Busboy" should be replaced with "dining room attendant."

# "Cowgirl" and "cowboy" should be replaced with "cowhand."

# "Deaf-mute" should be replaced by "person who can't hear or speak."

# "Huts" is branded as ethnocentric and should be replaced with small houses.

# "Majority group" is banned as offensive reference to cultural difference.

# Dinosaurs are banned because they evoke the subject of evolution.

And on it goes.

The Columbine Massacre Wasn't All Bad? What?

Three rights make a left.

John Hawkins: Ehr -- so you're defending the Columbine killers?

Lagwolf: No, but I understand why they targeted some of the people they did. That was were they two of them erred.

John Hawkins: So they didn't err in targeting the jocks?

Lagwolf: No, if they targeted their tormentors I think it was harsh justice.

John Hawkins: Dude -- I think that's nuts.

Lagwolf: Why? You think its right for people to stoned, beaten and bottled cause they are different? That is what happened to those guys and the authorities did nothing about it.

John Hawkins: They shot and killed people including jocks who may or may not have done anything to them. Even if they were cruel to them it doesn't merit going on a shooting spree.

Lagwolf: Yes they killed innocent people which was wrong...but if any of those they killed were responsible for their torment then I do not feel sorry for them. It does not justify killing innocents no. That was wrong. Why is it that its alright for a jock to beat this sh*t out of a brain, but if she grabs as weapon and retaliates it's wrong?

John Hawkins: So the appropriate response to say a wedgie is a bullet in the head in your opinion?

Lagwolf: No...read the history of columbine those guys had stones and bottles thrown and them and were routinely beaten up. As I said I don't condone what those two did but I understand the motivation. Look at the question I ask at the end of the post...what is your response? people in that situation should go tattle and get beaten on worse?

John Hawkins: These kids weren't defending themselves from anything. They just walked in and shot a bunch of people. They did get bullied, but to the best of my knowledge no one ever established that any of the people they killed bullied them. Even if some of victims did bully them that doesn't justify walking in a few days later and putting a bullet in them.

Lagwolf: I disagree...

John Hawkins: Fight back when you're attacked, go tattle, don't go on a shooting rampage -- that's CRAZY.

Lagwolf: No the shooting rampage was wrong...I said that. Go tattle..come on...give me a f*cking break that is way the get hurt even worse. The principal and the teachers were as responsible for that as the shooters.

John Hawkins: You seem to be condoning the fact that they shot some of those people if they ever bullied Klebold & Harris ...

Lagwolf: Yes...if I am a 90 pound weakling facing a 220lb jock...a firearm is a good evener if no one does anything about it.

John Hawkins: That is like raving moonbat, Indy Media on their worst day, insane dude....

Much more....


Zoinks. This is why you need an tinfoil hat.

By Spring 2004, an invasive mind control technology known as a "Frequency Fence" is slated for implementation onto global society. This Frequency Fence is a bio-neurological, electromagnetic induced form of mind control which will block your higher sensory abilities. A literal "perceptual harness" or "mental prison" will be built around you without you even knowing it is happening, and the scariest part is, your five senses will not alert to you that anything is wrong.

All electrical power generating stations, and the appliances that draw power from them will be utilized as a carrier for this electromagnetic distortion. The human body has a natural immunity against such invasion, which the instigators of this technology will repress by introducing a certain organic, elemental compound into the world's water supply, and by transmitting specific wave spectrums of light directly into the human optical faculties. Technologies such as broadcast television, and the internet, will be utilized to transmit the specific wave spectrums of light.

Beware of VICTORY Act, Privacy Group Warns

A consumer watchdog group is sounding an alarm over legislation that hasn't even been introduced yet.

The National Consumer Coalition's Privacy Group recently read a draft copy of the VICTORY Act, which "has some chilling implications for consumer privacy," the group said.

VICTORY stands for Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations Act of 2003.

Attorney General John Ashcroft plans to promote both the VICTORY Act and the USA PATRIOT Act on his ten-day, 20-stop tour of America, which begins on Tuesday, Aug. 19.

According to the NCC's Privacy Group, the VICTORY legislation is "a grab-bag of enhanced police-state powers."

For example, the group says, one section of the bill gives the Attorney General the power to issue "administrative subpoenas" in investigations stemming from an extremely broad definition of "terrorism." (According to NCC, an "administrative subpoena" is like a search warrant automatically issued by the clerk of court, except there's no need to have a judge sign off on it.)


Monday, August 18, 2003

Iraqis' top 10 tips for enduring blackout in the heat

10. Sleep on the roof

Without power -- and hence without air conditioning -- Iraqis have taken to climbing up stairs in the hot nights. Some install metal bed frames on rooftops, while others simply stretch out on thin mattresses. "We sleep on the roof," said Hadia Zeydan Khalaf, 38, wearing a black head-to-toe abaya in the hot sun. "It's cooler there."
9. Sit in the shade

Many Iraqis go outside when the power's off. "We sit in the shade," said George Ruweid, 27, playing cards with friends on the sidewalk. Of the U.S. blackout, he said: "I hope it lasts for 20 years. Let them feel our suffering."
8. Head for the water

"We go to the river, just like in the old days," said Saleh Moayet, 53. Several people said they had seen American beaches on television, and suggested they might be a good place to sit out the blackout. "They have so many beautiful beaches," said Hamid Khelil, 44. "They should go where it isn't so hot."

Top 10
Al Qaeda Claims Responsibility For Power Blackout In U.S.!

A communiqué attributed to Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the power blackout that happened in the U.S. last Thursday, saying that the brigades of Abu Fahes Al Masri had hit two main power plants supplying the East of the U.S., as well as major industrial cities in the U.S. and Canada, "its ally in the war against Islam (New York and Toronto) and their neighbors."

The communiqué assured that the operation "was carried out on the orders of Osama bin Laden to hit the pillars of the U.S. economy," as "a realization of bin Laden's promise to offer the Iraqi people a present."

Colombian Gun-Running Scandal Links Shady Israelis, Al-Qaeda

BEIRUT: Guatemalan authorities this week ordered the arrest of three Israelis for allegedly running 3,117 AK-47 assault rifles 5 million rounds of 7.62mm ammunition to a group of right-wing Latin American paramilitaries, the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), which the US State Department has branded a terrorist group and says has links to the country’s cocaine barons.

Israeli arms dealers and mercenaries have been linked to South American drug cartels and unsavory right-wing regimes in the region since the 1970s, often apparently doing the United States’ dirty work. But the latest arms scandal has a particular resonance given President George W. Bush’s “war on terrorism” and Washington’s support for the Colombian government against leftist terrorists known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

The 11,000-strong AUC is also fighting the FARC. The smuggled weapons significantly boosted the right-wingers’ ability to wage war on the leftists and to protect the cocaine and heroin industries at a time when the Bush administration is seeking to increase and broaden military assistance to the Bogota government to stamp out the multi-billion-dollar narcotics trade.

An exhaustive report on the scandal that involved Nicaragua, Guatemala and Colombia by the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS), obtained by The Daily Star, links the Israeli arms dealers with Lebanese arms brokers in West Africa allegedly involved in guns-for-diamonds deals that helped fund Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network.


Inside Bohemian Grove:
US Elites Celebrate Patriarchy, Racism and Class Privilege

San Francisco Bohemian Club members and guests from around the world recently completed two weeks of celebration, self entertainment and partying at their private 2,700 acre redwood retreat on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California. Described as the "Greatest Men's Party on Earth," the members of the Club and international elites have been gathering in their redwoods for over 100 years.

Private men's clubs have existed in the U.S. for over two and half centuries. U.S. clubs were modeled after British gentlemen's clubs, which date back 400 years. Gentlemen's clubs followed the English around the world and were a sanctum of racial, sexual and class homogeneity for English aristocrats throughout the British Empire.

American men's clubs have served a similar function as did their British models. In most major American cities there are one or two distinguished metropolitan men's clubs whose members dominate the social and economic life of the community. Club activities are a blending of arts, business, and socio-political discussions. Men's clubs are private places where elites can mingle in an atmosphere of gentlemanly civility away from the common everyday world.

The San Francisco Bohemian Club is unique among private men's clubs in that it holds an annual 16-day summer encampment where the 2,400 members are free to invite several hundred distinguished business associates and guests from around the world. Long days of glad-handing, off-the-record political discussions, government policy reviews, and the building of business friendships serve to facilitate consensus and ease of interaction among some of the top governmental and business leaders in the world. The collective corporate stock ownership by members and guests conservatively exceeds $100 billion.


Gravity on Earth is the same everywhere, right? Wrong.

Gravity on Earth is the same everywhere, right? Wrong. Mysterious variations in the attractive force would make an object weigh less in some places than in others.

This NASA false-relief map magnifies highs and lows to detail where the gravitational field is strong and weak. A person just off the coast of India, for example, would weigh about 1 percent less than most other places.


Sunday, August 17, 2003

Nikola Tesla's powerful (EM) Electromagnetic weapons caused blackout.

For decades Russia has been researching Nikola Tesla's powerful (EM) Electromagnetic weapons. Using Tesla's technology Russia can neutralize electricity anywhere at any time they wish from inside Soviet Union.

With EM weapons Russia can neutralize the electrical systems on planes, satellites, or any system that runs on electricity or electrical impulse such as the human body. When ever you hear of a airplane crashing and nothing is recorded on the black box, that is a case where electrical systems have been duded or neutralized.

Russia used EM weapons in Afghanistan and the dead enemy soldiers lied in sun for 30 days or more days and their bodies didn't decay because all the organisms in the bodies that would cause them to decay were also destroyed. Russia then spread some red powder around the bodies and the US thought Russia had some new exotic chemical/biological weapon.

Fading stars 'spell the end of the universe'

The universe is slowly fading out, according to a new study of 40,000 galaxies.

Astronomers have discovered that, for billions of years, not enough new stars have been born to replace those that are dying.

The results show that the cosmos is gradually getting dimmer, and in time no stars will be left shining.

By observing the light from different galaxies the astronomers logged how many young, recently formed stars there were at different times in the universe's 14-billion year history.

Professor Alan Heavens, from Edinburgh University's Institute for Astronomy, who helped carry out the study, said: "Our analysis confirms that the age of star formation is drawing to a close.

"The number of new stars being formed in the huge sample of galaxies we studied has been in decline for around six billion years - roughly since the time our own Sun came into being."

Astronomers are able to look back in time by observing galaxies whose light has taken billions of years to reach the Earth.

Push for Pacific union

An Australian Euro?

The Howard Government has proposed a radical plan for Pacific nations to adopt the Australian dollar, amalgamate key services and set up a regional unit to fight transnational crime and terrorism.

The proposals are contained in a confidential briefing to regional leaders circulated at the Pacific Islands Forum in Auckland, obtained by The Age. Prime Minister John Howard has confirmed the existence of the briefing paper but refused to discuss its contents.

Mr Howard last week played down a Senate report advocating a Pacific Union, akin to the European Union, and the regional adoption of the Australian dollar, saying that such a proposal was "on the never-never".

However, the Government's paper endorses a range of options for regional consolidation, urging other Pacific nations to consider "the merits of a regional approach to monetary and exchange rate policy".

It says the approach could involve the creation of a regional central bank and single currency, a currency board and "dollarisation" of the region.

Sunday Freakshow

An Interview with Valery Uvarov.

GB: Are you aware of strange stories or rumours concerning the so-called "Planet X"? If some new and heavenly body had entered our solar system, astronomers would surely detect it and declare its presence.

VU: I cannot speak for astronomers in the West, but astronomers within our Academy tell us we have nothing to fear. I have heard people talk about a rotation figure of 3,600 years for this planet, which is in a similar orbit to that of the Earth but behind the Sun. We know that this planet and the installation in Siberia are closely connected. Let me say that we believe that this installation is keeping that planet in a stable orbit. If that planet were to move, to shift orbit, the entire solar system would become unstable. Those of us in the Academy are sure that this planet is inhabited, and that this installation is designed to protect them and us. We are sure that nothing dangerous will happen. Everything is under control.

Our investigations have shown that the Earth has a pulse-a finely tuned frequency that affects everything, every living thing. Some 12,500 years ago, this pulse corresponded to 360 days of the year-study the old Egyptian calendar-but then an asteroid struck the Earth. We believe the orbit of the Earth was altered, artificially, to compensate for this. Our planet moved further away from the Sun, to a frequency pulse of 365.

This has taught us to believe that we have friends-friends who watch over us, silently. They did not allow then, nor will they allow now, any planet, comet or asteroid to strike and destroy the Earth. This, for us, is now absolutely clear.


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