Friday, October 10, 2003

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'The Black Quarterback Effect'

'The Black Quarterback Effect'
Here's an odd twist on the Rush Limbaugh football kerfuffle: It turns out that an academic paper published last October lends support to Limbaugh's comment, which critics denounced as racist, that "social concern" led people in the NFL and the media to hope Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb to do well. The study, by Duke University economists Peter Arcidiacono, Jacob Vigdor and Eric Aldrich, is titled "Race, Football and Television: Examining the Black Quarterback Effect."

The three economists analyzed ratings for ABC-TV's "Monday Night Football" between 1997 and 2001 and found that "Monday Night Football games featuring black quarterbacks have Nielsen ratings 11% higher than otherwise identical games with two white starting quarterbacks." What accounts for this? Here's Vigdor's explanation, in an article posted Tuesday on the Web site of The American Prospect, a left-wing magazine: "The racial tolerance of the American public has increased dramatically over the past 20 years, at least in the world of sports. With this tolerance has come a true preference for diversity."

Now, here's where things get weird. In his article, Vigdor attempts to use his study to discredit Limbaugh's views. "If Limbaugh had done any research on the subject, he would have learned that the media's desire to see black quarterbacks succeed is not rooted in 'a little social concern,' but rather in good old-fashioned attention to the bottom line." Network executives, that is, cater to viewers' "preference for diversity" in an effort to drive up ratings and therefore profits.

Vigdor is setting up a false dichotomy. What is a "preference for diversity" if not a "social concern"? What's more, Limbaugh referring not to executives and programming choices but to the opinions of sportswriters and commentators. Is there any reason to think they don't share the football-viewing public's preference for diversity?


Does the government know what you’ve been reading?

If you check out that biography of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg or that copy of the Quran at the Waukesha Public Library, the federal government could track it.

But library Executive Director Jane Ameel said Tuesday she wants to discuss the possibility of limiting such tracking.

The consideration comes as some Wisconsin libraries have already begun to purge circulation records to protect privacy as a result of the new federal Patriot Act.


U.N. rules Canada should ban spanking

A United Nations committee has ruled Canada should bar parents from spanking their children.

As a signatory of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Canada is obligated to make periodic appearances before the U.N.'s Committee on Rights of the Child, which said the country should "adopt legislation to remove the existing authorization of the use of 'reasonable force' in disciplining children," the National Post reported.

The U.N. body says Canada should "explicitly prohibit all forms of violence against children, however light, within the family, in schools and in other institutions where children might be placed."

The ruling cannot supersede national law, the Post said, but Ottawa wants to comply with the regulations to bolster the U.N.'s attempt to encourage international norms.

The United States and Somalia are the only countries that have not signed the convention, which routinely tells members appearing before its committee to pass laws banning spanking.

The UN is making us a world full of pussies.
CPJ slams Pentagon silence on journalist deaths in Iraq

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) on Wednesday criticised US military and government officials for failing to address questions over the deaths of a handful of foreign reporters in Iraq.
"The failure of the US military to provide an honest and open accounting of what occurred keeps alive questions about whether US forces are taking the necessary steps to avoid endangering journalists," said CPJ Executive Director Ann Cooper.

"These questions are urgent because hundreds of journalists continue to work in Iraq, and their reporting is vital for the world's understanding of events in this post-war period," Cooper said.


Arnold: The Rothschilds' Man in California

The Bush Cabal has lusted after California for a long time. And now with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor, they have finally realized their goal: to capture California, the world's 10th largest economy. Even "presidential advisor" Karl Rove signed off on it.

Most importantly, Arnold has been sanctioned by the Olympians. The European Families have authorized the deal and their American cousins at the Bohemian Grove seconded the motion to install Arnold as Governor. On Sept. 24, 2002, Reuters published a story called 'Buffett's Back, with the Terminator' about Arnold and billionaire Warren Buffett visiting the ancestral home of the Rothschilds in England, where they "stepped onto Waddesdon's freshly cut lawn to be greeted by Lord Jacob Rothschild... Among those invited to Waddesdon Manor were the likes of James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank, Jorma Ollila, chief executive of Nokia and De Beers chairman Nicky Oppenheimer."

Next Sen. Orrin Hatch wants to end the prohibition against foreign-born citizens like Arnold Schwarzenegger from becoming president.

French newssite reports Arafat 'dead'

A French-language Israeli newssite is reporting Yasser Arafat, leader of the Palestinian Authority, may have died of a heart attack.

The report is based on the Guysen Israel News' sources and is ''unconfirmed.''

''We do not have any more information on the state of Arafat,'' the latest report said. ''The news of his death is still not confirmed.''

A report earlier in the day from Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia said Arafat's condition was improving. Conflicting reports in recent days had him sick with everything from the flu to heart failure.

The 74-year-old leader looked pale and tired during the ceremony to swear in an emergency cabinet Tuesday, and some reports say he needed prompting from his aides.


Thursday, October 09, 2003

FOIA Document Shows Navy Has Been Aware Of Problems Associated With DU Since 14 May 1984

This MSDS sheet (shown with 3 photos of documents) was released from the Department of the Navy, Naval Surface Warfare Center in Crane, Indiana, on 22 May 03 in response to a 2 April 03 Freedom of Information Act request by Glen Milner. The Material Safety Data Sheet, dated 14 May 1984, shows the Navy has been aware of many of the problems associated with depleted uranium since that time.

Glen Milner worked with other to expose that the US Navy has been firing 'depleted' uranium off the coast of Washington State. Sunny Miller interviewed Glen Milner on October 6, 2003. HEAR AUDIO (mp3) - 28 minutes.


Glen's email is info@gzcenter.org and works with

Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action (http://gzcenter.org/).

How to Find Happiness

If you want to be happy, move to someplace where more people report feeling that way. However, the happiest countries may not be the ones you want to go to. And don't get breast implants, unless you want to become seriously depressed.
An analysis of happiness in more than 65 countries by the World Values Survey shows Nigeria has the highest percentage of happy people, followed by Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador and Puerto Rico, while Russia, Armenia and Romania have the fewest. They say, "New Zealand ranked 15 for overall satisfaction, the U.S. 16th, Australia 20th and Britain 24th—though Australia beats the other three for day- to-day happiness."

The things that make people happy vary. Personal success, self-expression, pride, and a high sense of self-esteem are important in the United States. "In Japan, on the other hand, it comes from fulfilling the expectations of your family, meeting your social responsibilities, self-discipline, cooperation and friendliness," the researchers say.

The study shows that happiness has remained the same in industrialized countries since World War II, even though incomes have risen, except for Denmark, where people have become more satisfied with life over the last three decades.

But one thing that doesn't make people happy is getting more things. The study says, "Survey after survey has shown that the desire for material goods, which has increased hand in hand with average income, is a happiness suppressant."

One example of this is the fact that women who can afford the luxury of breast implants are more than three times as likely to commit suicide. Ceci Connolly writes in The Washington Post that studies in Finland, Sweden and the U.S. all show the same reaction. This isn't true with women who’ve had mastectomies, only with those who enlarge their breasts for cosmetic reasons.


Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Cleverness may carry survival costs

Being smart is not always a good thing in the evolutionary race, suggests a new study by Swiss researchers

If intelligence were always a positive attribute, it would always be selected for by natural selection. But it is not - people and animals have their dolts as well as their Einsteins.

To evolutionary biologists, that diversity means that theoretically, there must be some cost to being smart. Now for the first time, researchers have shown that in fruit flies at least, it doesn't always pay to be clever.

When Frederic Mery and colleagues at the University of Fribourg, pitted fast-learning fruit fly larvae against their more dimwitted cousins in scarce food conditions - the slower fruit flies came out on top.

"This shows that just having a better ability to learn involves a cost, even when you aren't using it," Mery told New Scientist.


Steady rate of U.S. deaths in Iraq -- where is this graph in the media?

As whatreallyhappened.com is highlighting, a Bellingham, Washington university sociology professor, Ed Stephan, has created the graph below.

U.S. FDA votes 6-2 to approve anti-sleep drug for sweatshops

The FDA panel was unanimous in recommending Provigil for treating excessive tiredness caused by sleep apnea and voted 6-2 for its use in treating people with shift workers with "shift work sleep disorder," defined as excessive tiredness, insomnia, headaches and difficulty concentrating. About 23 percent of night-shift workers may meet that definition, Cephalon said.

African touted as Pope's successor

THE man tipped to be the first black pope has set out his credentials as the Vatican continues to prepare the public for the death of Pope John Paul II.

Following comments from top Vatican official Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger that the Pope was in "very bad" health, the Pope's private secretary Georg Gaenswein said yesterday the 83-year-old pontiff could not walk or stand.
"He is a hero for the faithful," Mr Gaenswein said. "The fact he doesn't give up despite his illness makes him even more credible ... When he is no longer allowed to travel, then dear God will come for him."

Meanwhile, Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria has become the first possible successor to be publicly promoted.

In a book of interviews published this week called God's Invisible Hand, Cardinal Arinze presents himself as a man who has risen from humble origins in a Nigerian village to a senior position in the Vatican, and as a conservative capable of reaching other constituencies.


Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Quantum Weirdness in Real Life

The physicist Erwin Schrödinger said that quantum theory would allow the existence of a cat that was both living and dead at the same time. Physicists can't do this with a cat yet, but they may be able to do it with a tiny mirror the size of a red blood cell. Previously, it was thought that nothing larger than an atom could retain quantum properties. A blood cell may be small, but it's millions of times larger than an atom, and in the world of quantum effects, this is huge.
Philip Ball writes in Nature.com that the mini-mirror, pasted on the end of a tiny arm, is attached to a single photon of light in a quantum superposition, meaning it's nowhere and everywhere—or two places at once. While the conditions necessary to create this effect are highly restrictive, involving a perfect vacuum and temperatures approaching absolute zero, but this may not remain the case forever.

World oil and gas 'running out'

LONDON, England -- Global warming will never bring a "doomsday scenario" a team of scientists says -- because oil and gas are running out much faster than thought.

The world's oil reserves are up to 80 percent less than predicted, a team from Sweden's University of Uppsala says. Production levels will peak in about 10 years' time, they say.

"Non-fossil fuels must come in much stronger than it had been hoped," Professor Kjell Alekett told CNN.

Oil production levels will hit their maximum soon after 2010 with gas supplies peaking not long afterwards, the Swedish geologists say.

At that point prices for petrol and other fuels will reach disastrous levels. Earlier studies have predicted oil supplies will not start falling until 2050.

Alekett said that his team had examined data on oil and gas reserves from all over the world and we were "facing a very critical situation globally."

"The thing we are surprised of is that people in general are not aware of the decline in supplies and the extent to which it will affect production.

"The decline of oil and gas will affect the world population more than climate change."


Missouri Mystery Mound

The beginning of my search for an ancient mound in the backwoods of Middle America began quite innocently several years ago while listening to the late night talk show with Art Bell. Since that time, I have been trying to ascertain if my quest was going to lead me to ancient caves and a trove of lost artifacts. Even today I’m not sure what it is I have found and what its significance is. What first piqued my interest was the interview with an Indian shaman and mystic who was on a life quest to find and explore ancient sites in North America. His goal was to map these ancient sites and use this knowledge to protect them and also to achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness.

He began the show speaking about an ancient site located in Middle America that he said was one of the ancient Halls of Records. This was a depository of artifacts from many ancient cultures around the world. He talked about going to this site and taking away artifacts for some special purpose. I was totally blown away by this revelation. Because I lived in Memphis, TN and was aware of many ancient archeological sites along the Mississippi River, I surmised that if there were such a place, it must be located somewhere in the same geographic area. The Indian mounds of lower Ohio and Illinois, the Serpent Mound in Ohio, the pyramid outside St. Louis, MO and many other sites too numerous to mention, all of these places are located near the Mississippi River or its tributaries.

But where does one go to get information to start such a search? Having no expertise in archaeology, little experience in hiking, tracking, or mapping, I knew I had to use another method. The first thing I tried to do was contact the Indian shaman and his partner. Neither one could be found. Of course I didn’t expect him to tell me where the Hall of Records was but, if he could see that I meant no harm to him and his friends and only wanted to join the quest and share the mystery, then I was sure if he would help me as much as he could.


Monday, October 06, 2003

Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics

The first brain implants were surgically inserted in 1974 in the state of Ohio, USA and also in Stockholm, Sweden. Brain electrodes were inserted into the skulls of babies in 1946 without the knowledge of their parents. In the 1950s and 60s, electrical implants were inserted into the brains of animals and humans, especially in the U.S., during research into behavior modification, and brain and body functioning. Mind control (MC) methods were used in attempts to change human behavior and attitudes. Influencing brain functions became an important goal of military and intelligence services.

Thirty years ago brain implants showed up in X-rays the size of one centimeter. Subsequent implants shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. They were made of silicon, later still of gallium arsenide. Today they are small enough to be inserted into the neck or back, and also intravenously in different parts of the body during surgical operations, with or without the consent of the subject. It is now almost impossible to detect or remove them.

It is technically possible for every newborn to be injected with a microchip, which could then function to identify the person for the rest of his or her life. Such plans are secretly being discussed in the U.S. without any public airing of the privacy issues involved. In Sweden, Prime Minister Olof Palme gave permission in 1973 to implant prisoners, and Data Inspection's ex-Director General Jan Freese revealed that nursing-home patients were implanted in the mid-1980s. The technology is revealed in the 1972:47 Swedish state report, Statens Officiella Utradninger (SOU).

Yeah... mind control.
Frog eggs fall from the sky onto home in Berlin

BERLIN, Conn. -- In a scene that sounds more biblical than plausible, masses of amphibian eggs rained down on Primo D'Agata's porch last month as the remnants of Hurricane Isabel moved through the state.

At first, D'Agata thought the thumping noise he and his wife heard on the back deck Sept. 19 was hail. But when he went outside to take a look, D'Agata discovered tiny, gelatinous eggs with dark spots in the middle.

"I couldn't even pick them up with a spatula, they were so sticky," D'Agata said.

Biologists from nearby Central Connecticut State University say the eggs are likely from frogs. And because no frogs in Connecticut lay eggs this late in the year, scientists and naturalists speculate they may have come up from North Carolina or another warm location on the winds of Isabel.

D'Agata brought a bowl of his mysterious find to a nearby nature center, after the town's animal control officer couldn't identify what had arrived in his yard.

Nicolas Diaz, a naturalist and teacher at New Britain Youth Museum at Hungerford Park, took a look at D'Agata's bowl and told him it looked like amphibian eggs.

"It is quite possible the storm carried the eggs right up the coast and dropped them here in Connecticut," Diaz said. "If you had a strong wind and strong updraft, it could lift something right up," he said.

People often bring animals and plants to the center for identification, Diaz said. But D'Agata's eggs are among the stranger things he's seen.

"It was hard to get my mind around that these had traveled up from some subtropical area," he said.

Some of the eggs were brought to Central Connecticut State University for testing, but their origin could not be determined because whatever was inside them did not live long enough to hatch, said Ruth Rollin, chairwoman of the school's biology department.

Hatched eggs would allow scientists to identify the type of frog or other amphibian, and that identification would point to a region of the country where the animal lived, she said.

D'Agata is keeping two small, water-filled glass jars of the eggs to see if any of them will hatch. He said a few seem to have sprouted what looks like a tail.

"I'm going to let them sit and see what happens," D'Agata said.


The CIA has declassified over 18,000 pages of documents on extensive mind
control programs carried out since the early 1950s. Through the Freedom of
Information Act, you can order these documents in the form of four CDs directly
from the government for only $30. Here is a sample of just two of these
documents taken from the excellent mind control summary on the informative
website www.wanttoknow.info. With this revealing information, we now have the
opportunity to powerfully work together for a brighter future.

A declassified CIA document dated 7 Jan 1953 describes the experimental
creation of multiple personality in two 19-year old girls. "These subjects have
clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H
[hypnotic] controlled state by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by
the use of code, signal, or words, and that control of those hypnotized can be
passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also
been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling
couriers for information purposes." (CIA Mori ID 190684, 1/7/53)

Another declassified document dated 10 Feb 1954 describes an experiment of
relevance to the creation of unsuspecting assassins: "Miss [whited out] was
instructed (having previously expressed a fear of firearms) that she would use
every method at her disposal to awaken Miss [whited out] (now in a deep
hypnotic sleep). Failing this, she would pick up a pistol nearby and fire it at
Miss [whited out]. She was instructed that her rage would be so great that she
would not hesitate to "kill" [whited out] for failing to awaken. Miss [whited
out] carried out these suggestions to the letter including firing the
(unloaded) gun at [whited out] and then proceeded to fall into a deep sleep.
After proper suggestions were made, both were awakened. Miss [whited out]
expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened." (CIA Mori
ID 190691, 2/10/54)


Are You Ready For A Militarized Police Force?

The Bush administration is calling for the repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, a law passed after the Civil War to prohibit the deployment of federal military forces onto American streets to control civil action - otherwise known as martial law

Propaganda watch: 'Threat Matrix'

Excerpted from TV Tome's episode guide for Threat Matrix, the new Homeland Security propaganda series on ABC:
1. Pilot (18-Sep-2003)

A prisoner who is requesting asylum in the United States tells the government that there is a shipping container in which a group of terrorists is hiding, and that it is on its way to the U.S.

Frankie is sent to Jarkarta to question the one man who might know if the government has been told the truth, and so, to find out exactly where the container is headed. Frankie gets the job done, but before she can get out of the country, she gets wounded and then caught.

With the "Threat Matrix" team, from their headquarters (the "Vault") at Fort Meade, John Kilmer (the head of the "Threat Matrix" team *and* Frankie's ex-husband) works to find the answers they need to be able to neutralize the terrorist threat, even though doing that means that he has to leave Frankie to whatever fate awaits her until his primary job is done


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